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About Us

We are a boutique public relations agency

specialising in building awareness about the technology and creative people involved in the visual entertainment industries, such as broadcast, film and gaming.

We work with our clients to create stories

about their products and services, which reach their potential customers via the media they naturally consume, such as trade magazines and websites, bloggers and twitter feeds they follow.

Our aim

is to help our clients build their businesses by being recognised by more potential customers.

Post Production

Colour Grading


Workflow Technologies
Broadcast Systems
Satellite and Server Infrastructure

Advanced Media

VR / AR / MR
Interactive and Gaming
Streaming and OTT

How We Help


We creatively generate the most value out of your achievements in order to grow and enrich your business and enhance your strengths.



We research the market, target key media platforms and publications, as well as source stories and information for appropriate journalists that cover your area of expertise.



We create pertinent, uplifting and instructive content for websites, blogs and social media to ensure that your products and services are foremost in the minds of your existing and potential customers.


We help engage new customers at major trade shows and events. We also link you with journalists covering those events.


We ensure that you, and your clients receive the recognition they deserve by seeking out relevant industry awards and drafting compelling entry documents.


We multi-purpose content to squeeze every drop of usefulness out of it, by making versions for every possible outlet.

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NewscastStudio is at the heart of broadcast technology, engineering and creative with expanded coverage of broadcast industry news. Subscribe Today for Free: #TVProduction #Broadcasting #Sponsored #BroadcastDesign #partner

Following NAB, Dubai is the venue for the next major international trade show as @CABSATofficial returns. #CABSAT, the Middle East’s flagship event will celebrate its 30th anniversary with its return to the Dubai World Trade Centre next week 🎉

We're thrilled to announce that our SideQuest Indie Spotlight is going LIVE this Thursday, celebrating 5 years of SideQuest! 📢

Join us as we show off the latest and greatest on SideQuest! Mark your calendars for May 23rd 📅

Stay tuned! 🎉

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What people say about us

Cara Sheppard
Senior Manager of Post Production Operations (Entertainment & Creative)

“I’ve known Carole in a professional capacity as a PR executive for approximately 5 years. During this time I have been incredibly impressed by her professionalism in dealing with clients of many levels, – the commitment and passion she shows in shaping, honing and delivering information is second to none.”

Roger Thornton
Publicity Director

“Carole Cox is one of the hardest working, most dedicated ​PRs I have met.
She always delivers way beyond client expectations and yet is never satisfied
– the mark of a true professional.”

Miguel Angel Doncel
CEO & Founder

“RadianceC is the perfect PR partner.
Their knowledge of the market, broad experience and dedication always brings very valuable feedback and results.”

Fergal Ringrose
Sports Video Group Europe
Executive Editor

“I have known Carole Cox for quite a long time – in fact, I’m pretty sure that in all my years editing The IBC Daily.
Carole’s was the only ‘Wedding Notice’ story we ever ran in the paper! Carole is courteous, loyal, diligent and hard-working, and I’m sure would be a great asset to any company’s PR armoury.”

Simon Craddock

“Radiance Communications has been a very valuable PR partner for us;
Carole collaborated on the IBC Innovation Awards with “Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough”
and continues to offer fantastic support.”

Lisa Bond
Senior Marketing Director

“My experience of Carole is that of a considerate, loyal, reliable, friendly and genuine person who is passionate about what she does and takes her work seriously, always respectfully putting the interests of her clients first, even before her own. I believe she cares deeply about everything she puts her mind to and is an asset to any company.”

Alexander Stoyanov
PlayBox Technology Europe Ltd
Sales Director

We enjoy working with Carole at Radiance Communications, she has a professional approach, efficient and hard working, goes that extra mile for us and we consider her a part of our team. She responds fast and cares deeply about the work she delivers to us and the media on our behalf.

Adam Scott
Spectrum Films
General Manager

We had great response with the case study you put together, and really appreciate all that you have done. And yes, if we do need some future PR I will certainly keep you in mind!

Phil Streather
Principal Large Format

I have known Carole Anne for a number of years and seen her in action. When I need some PR I know where to come!

Nicholas Recano
AArmadillo Inc
Application Specialist

I have been working with Carole for more than 15 years, collaborating on press releases, white papers, web sites, articles, brochures, messaging, events and more. She has managed to propagate these on web sites, magazines, news papers as well as on social media thanks to a lot of charm and personal relationships within the different media outlets. She is a real public relations professional that is well regarded among the journalists.

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    Radiance PR uses the data you provide to reply to your query and, for journalists, bloggers and others who express an interest in stories about our clients, we pass on those stories as and when they become available. We do not share your data with anyone else. We do not pass your data onto our clients. If you do not want to be contacted further, or would like us to delete your data completely, just let us know! If you’re having trouble sleeping, read our Privacy Policy